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About Us

Sri Raghavendra Educational Institutions Society is a name synonymous with quality education of international standards. With about two decades of experience in various fields spanning IT, Medical and Education, SREIS is constantly raising the bar with a vision of excellence through world class institutions, infrastructure and faculty.

The power-train behind the growing success is the faculty of over 500 who are driven solely by passion.SREIS ventured into the realm of primary education and proudly launched "Red Hills High" in the year 2011 to ensure that education extends beyond the classroom and translates to an experience.


Our Vision is to shape a generation of enlightened individuals who contribute to a better world and to develop young minds who are ready to face the future.


To empower children with multi-faceted skill-sets, including communication, logical and reasoning abilities, to help them rise to the challenges of a connected Global World.

Dr. K. M. Venkataramana

Secretary - SREIS

Dr. K. M. Venkataramana founded Sri Raghavendra Educational Institutions Society in 1992. A visionary, humanist, above all an educationist, Dr.Venkataramana is dedicated to the cause of education. With a vision of excellence through world-class educational institutions, infrastructure and faculty, SREIS is now venturing into the realm of primary education and proudly announces the launch of “Red Hills High.”

"Red Hills High is a nurturing ground for evolving minds. We use a holistic approach and up-to-date teaching aids to ensure that education empowers children to excel in their chosen field.”

Mrs. Sumitra Venkataramana

President - SREIS

Mrs. Sumitra Venkataramana is the inspiration behind Red Hills High School. Her passion for entrepreneurship is matched by her love for children. As someone who takes a deep interest in the education field, she understood the need for a world-class destination for learning in the Chimney Hills area. Thus, she set up Red Hills High School as a solid foundation for young minds to develop and grow.

Dr.Raghavendra V

Managing Director

In today's changing times,education is ideal and very challenging for the students.I feel that under the tutelage of a group of talented as well as dedicated teachers who are constantly innovating,Red hills high will work towards empowering its students to achieve high standards in both the prescribed core curriculum and in many Co-curricular activities.We hope that their involvement and enjoyment of both academia and activity will help them to become inventive young people ready to carve their niche in the years ahead.My best wishes to all the redhillites.

Ms. Suma S Rao

Vice Principal - RedHills High