School Policies

School Timings :
Days Pre-primary Grade I - X
Weekdays Monday - Friday 8:20am to 12:30pm 8:20am to 3:05pm
Saturdays(2nd, 3rd & 4th) Holiday 8:20am to 1:00pm
1st Saturday of Every Month Holiday Holiday
Uniform Policy
Uniform Policy for Boys Uniform Policy for Girls
School Uniform School Uniform
White shirt with dark blue half pant for pre-primary & Grade I - IV Frock Prescribe by the school for the Grade pre-primary & Grade I - IV
White shirt with dark blue full pants for Grade V-X White Shirt with Dark Blue Skirt prescribed by the school for Grade V-X
Dark Blue Blazer for Grade V-X Dark blue blazer for Grade V-X
Belt prescribe by the school -
Black shoe and white socks prescribed by the school Black shoe and white socks prescribed by the school
Grades XI & XII –White shirt, with Dark Grey pant and Dark Grey Blazer along with the tie as prescribed by the school. Grades XI & XII –White shirt, with Dark Grey pant/skirt and Dark Grey Blazer along with the tie as prescribed by the school
Sports Uniform Sports Uniform
Sports Uniform prescribed by the school only on P.E & Yoga Days. Sports Uniform prescribed by the school only on P.E & Yoga Days
Black Shoe with white socks prescribed by the school Black Shoe with white socks prescribed by the school
Shoes to be polished daily Shoes to be polished daily
Winter Jacket prescribed by the school Winter Jacket prescribed by the school
Behaviour Behaviour
Boys should have short hair. Punk and spikes or any trendy hair cut is not permitted. Earrings - only studs, may be worn by the girls.
Nails must be clean, short and neatly trimmed. The length of skirts shall be knee-length(Not above or below the knee)
Boys should wear white vest under the shirt. It is mandatory for girls’ to wear white slip/camisole and bloomers beneath their school uniform.
Visible Tattoos are strictly prohibited. No Jewellery such as chain, rings, anklets or bangles should be worn during the school hours.
Girls With long hair must tie 2 pony tails or braid. Girls will be allowed to keep her hair open unless very short. Hair band if used should be plain black.
Make-up Nail colour and mehandi during school hours is not permitted.
Visible Tattoos are strictly prohibited.
1. Classroom, Classmates and Teachers:
  1. Students should respect their classroom ambience.
  2. Students should be respectful towards their teachers and kind to their companions.
2. Communication
  1. Students need to converse only in English at all times when in the school premises
3. Discipline
  1. Students should be punctual and regular. Late comers and the students with inappropriate attire are liable to be sent home.
  2. Only the nutritious food for the short break and for the lunch to be brought by the individuals. Junk food is totally prohibited.
4. Attendance
  1. Every student must have a minimum of 80% attendance to be promoted to the next class.
  2. Application for leave during the last few days of school will not be entertained. Pupils who do not attend school during these days will be treated as absentees even if an application from parents requesting leave has been submitted. The student should submit a medical certificate if absent due to illness.
  3. Students are not allowed to leave campus without the Principal’s written consent during school hours.
  4. It is compulsory for every student to attend school on the last and the first day working day between holidays, a fine will be levied if this rule is broken.
5. Social Behaviour
  1. ID card for parents is Mandatory for pick up and drop of their child.
  2. Bringing unauthorized people/ articles inside the school will amount to misconduct.
  3. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited. If a student is found to be in possession of a mobile phone the same would be confiscated and returned to the parents only at end of the academic session.
6. School and Environment
  1. Library books should be returned on time. Otherwise monetary fine will be imposed. Fine may be collected for any damage or defacing the book.
  2. Respect natural resources.
  3. Avoid using plastic. Follow 4R policy - Reduce Reuse Recycle Refuse.
  4. Your work and conduct should be such that it brings good name to the school and nation.
For Parents

Parent's co-operation:

  1. Parent's co-operation is an essential part of running an efficient educational institution. Parents are earnestly requested to ensure that their children / wards are regular, punctual and disciplined.
  2. Parents/Guardians are requested to sign the diaries every day. Report cards should be collected and returned on the specified dates. Regular follow-up of their child’s academic progress should be monitored with the Parents.
Note for Parents:

If Parents are found involving themselves directly or indirectly with the administration of the school, the school reserves the right to remove the names of their children from the rolls of the school.

School Bus / Transport Guidelines
  1. Pre-nursery and Junior - I classes are completed by 12:30pm. Respective class teachers and support staff will escort the children to the school bus by 12:35pm. Pre Primary students do not have classes on Saturday.
  2. Grade-I -X students classes are completed by 3.05pm. School pupil leader’s escort the children to the school bus by 3.10pm.
  3. Pickup/drop points for every route are mapped at the beginning of the academic year and the same is informed to the students and parents during registration for transportation.
  4. All parents are requested to be present at the pickup/drop points 5 minutes prior to departure and arrival time.
  5. Bus routes are tightly programmed in order to get the children and teachers to school on time. The buses WILL NOT wait for late comers either at the pickup or the drop points.
  6. Students have to make their own transport arrangements if they wish to participate in after school activities and remedial classes.
  7. Should there be any change in assigned pickup / drop of students from their respective points, the same needs to be informed through the school diary of the student and to the Admin office.
  8. Any change in bus route, pick up/drop point or mode of transport, by the students, even for a day, needs to be notified to the school authorities in writing, by parent / authorized guardian.
  9. Bus timings/routes may periodically change in order to increase efficiency of travel time or to accommodate new students.
  10. Buses cannot provide door-to-door service, as students should not spend unwarranted time commuting to and from school.
  11. Students must
    • Treat the school bus and equipment with care and respect
    • Obey the rules and regulations set forth by the school during transfers.
    • Keep the aisles clear of books, band instruments, etc.
    • Remain seated while the bus is in motion.
    • Refrain from conduct that diverts a driver’s attention from his primary job endangering the safety of other staff and students.
    • Refrain from extending their head, arms or any other body part out of the windows or doors of the school bus for safety reasons.
    • Should not use Laptops, MP3 players, IPod etc. while commuting in school bus.
  12. Transport Safety Committee consisting of Teachers, staff, high school students and Parents will monitor and report any incidents during transit. Refer to Transport Safety Committee Guidelines for roles and responsibilities assigned to members.
  13. Poor behavior, disobeying the instructions of staff members on the bus, causing danger to self or to other students may lead to withdrawal of the transport privilege on the school bus.
Fees Payments
  1. The annual fee may be split into 3 instalments, for the convenience of the parents, and are due in 1st Installment-Before Commencement of Academic Year, 2nd Installment September and 3rd Installment- January. Fee should be paid on or before 15th of the month specified.
  2. In the event of late payment of fee. Rs. 50/- per day will be charged on fee paid after the due date.
Transportation Rules
  1. Bus timings/routes may be periodically changed to help students reach quicker or to accommodate new students. Buses cannot provide door-to door service, as students should not spend unwarranted time commuting to and from school.
  2. Students are expected to maintain proper decorum on the bus, failing which, penalties, including exclusion from the bus service, will apply.
Policy for Late Comers & Leave Of Absence
  1. Attendance is compulsory on the first and last working day every term. Students should not be absent before the close and beginning of the term. Parents are requested not to extend vacations for any reason. Reason for absence from school must be stated and duly signed by the parent in the leave record provided in the diary.