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Academic Year 2020-2021

Dear Parents

Welcome to the Academic Year 2020-2021!

We trust you and your family are keeping good health and safe at home. We are truly going through a strange situation. Definitely another chapter will be added to the annals of history; but when we emerge from this, we will be more resilient as a human race, more considerate in our thoughts, more understanding of nature and animals around us, more aware of our carbon footprints.

Before 2020, we lived in a world of waste and wonder, and every single day we contributed to make our skies grow thicker and gloomier until we couldn’t see the stars; we filled our oceans with toxics, we forgot to dance with the universe and our own. And then, one day we woke up to a captive life and understood the meaning of freedom and sacrifice; we clapped for our medics and essential workers who are constantly sacrificing so much for us. We started to think about the world we live in. And we realised that to truly get well again; we needed to fall very sick. Recover; we will, but till then we need to stay home, not only for our sake but for the sake of others too. We are all in it together. In the midst of all this; each one of us is going through different kinds of crisis. Let us watch each other’s back till we paddle to safer shores. And the little that we can do as a school is to provide education for our children even in these troubled times; as education and knowledge is the beacon to a safe and successful future.

We, at KMV Red Hills High, have decided to move forward and start the Academic Year 2020-21 by engaging students with online classes and Academic Guidance.

For more details please download the Attachments applicable to you

  1. Admission Procedure for Class XI
  2. Admission Procedure for Nur – Class IX

Let us seek the blessings of the higher forces so that we emerge unscathed from these terrible times. We hope you are enjoying your family time and also home-schooling your babies. Kindly help us too with our endeavour of teaching our children together. It is a joint venture. We must remember the school building is shut, but definitely not the precious act of schooling.

Stay home! Stay safe!

Warm Regards