Dance is a form of art that hasnumerous benefits for young minds. We at Redhills apprehend that Dance should be incorporated into school educationas it improves students’ attention and interest in learning and also encourages a healthy lifestyle in them. Combination of various movements increases the child’s memory and Sequencing skills. It boosts the child’s self-esteem which is a necessary ingredient in learning.

Our students are engaged in various performing arts. These include musicals, cultural performances, dances, elocution and drama. Redhills Annual day is such a platform where each student is provided with an opportunity to showcase their talents.

Music is developed through vocal and instrumental skills-based activities contributing to the school's distinctively energetic and outgoing ethos. Students learn to develop a deep appreciation for different and various expressions of art and culture to gain self-confidence and poise.

At Redhills, dance is integrated as a part of the curriculum. Integrated lessons usually cross over to two or more subject areas but have a single focused learning objective. Dance encourages active participation by the students and accommodates many different learning styles.

We believe that using dance in integrated lessons enhances other learning areas through developing 21st century skills and beyond. Creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking are paramount in the dance classroom with the integrated learning model.