Play Zone

“The essence of childhood is of course play.”- Bill Cosby

Play, is the core for a child’s development and learning. It opens a new arena for learning and kindling their imagination.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, is absolutely true, as children learn to focus and communicate during their play time. This concept is well understood by us and so the Play zone of our school is created to boost the self-esteem of the child. Our play area is quite colourful, with various rides to foster their physical and social skills. A lot of emphasis has been created keeping the child’s safety and security in mind.

The most loved area of every pre-schooler is the play zone where children love to run around and enjoy their freedom by exploring things beyond the four walls of the classroom. Not only does it motivate them in physical activities, but it also lets them learn new things while they play around.

Play is the way the children learn forming the foundation of life in the society. They explore, socialize and care for things around them.