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Math Lab

We teach Maths to our students as it develops important skills like…..

  • Observation
  • Looking for pattern
  • Reasoning
  • Analytical Thinking & Logical Thinking

A great way to teach maths is by the usage of mathematical materials also called ‘manipulatives’.

Mathematical Manipulatives help Children
  • Manipulatives capture the total attention of the students
  • They are multi sensory—they can be seen, touched, moved and rearranged
  • Students learn to ask relevant questions as they generate curiosity
  • Students solve problems in their own meaningful way using these aids
  • Helps students to recognize their mistakes
  • Verify mathematical facts
  • Generalize by observing a pattern
  • Ultimately, they help the students to construct their own knowledge and therefore, remember better
Language Lab

English is the most accepted mode of communication internationally. To bridge this communication gap, the most advanced emerging technology, the Digital Language Lab has been introduced at Red hills high.

Science Labs

At RHHS, students are constantly encouraged to test theories, prove perceptions and authenticate theories. There are five comprehensive laboratories, one each for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and two for Computer Science. Many meaningful group projects in the sciences are assigned to students with clear but open-ended guidance from the teachers. This gives students a chance to investigate together and so learn cooperatively, a skill that is inimitable in today’s world.

The laboratories are well designed, airy and well-lit. A lot of thought has gone into making the labs safe for student use, with wash areas within easy reach.